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Was it the lunar eclipse that just drove everyone crazy this month? For starters, I had to take a detour in to class this morning because that mutant shelter that opened up a few months ago? Wacko protestors decided that they were going to block the entire street with their "peaceful assembly" that suddenly became an obstruction of travel and commerce. Was anyone cited? I expect not. But I guarantee you if there'd been a group of pro-mutant folks protesting outside one of those businesses with a Friends Of Humanity sticker in the window, the cops would be coming in with jackboots and batons, swinging first and checking permits later.

Oh, and if you see a big black dog in the hall, it's Jennie. No, I'm not kidding.
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There appears to be someone in badly-coordinated camouflage with a familiar-looking trebuchet making their way through the woodline and lobbing what seems to be a banana-pudding type of material at people.

I am going to go change now and ponder retribution.


Feb. 10th, 2008 01:08 pm
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Can we maybe get the crazy people either fixed or better secured? Because I think I have reached my quota of beatings for the weekend.

Edit - I know, boss. If I'm mobile, back to work. I'll be back in the Box in fifteen minutes once the Czarina clears me.
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It is something of an irritation to be the preeminent mechanical genius on the planet and still wind up with a flight delay in St. Louis due to unspecified "mechanical issues". Nevertheless, I will be spending the new year's holiday in the company of my family, and should be back sometime Tuesday. I fear that there may be viewing of scrapbooks and other "hilarious" blackmail material from my younger years. Scott, if my mother brings out the home videos, can I enter her into the threat database?

For those of you I won't see, happy 2010 2008. The Year Of No Goddamn Dinosaurs.
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How many of us have at least one parent who is also a mutant?
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Less than a month until finals, and all my professors decide to lump on more reading and more pointless research projects. Plus I have Professor Erskine emailing me to remind me there's only a day left if I want to transfer over to the Engineering program and test out of everything up to the 300-level courses. Whereas the sinister Dean of Business refuses to cut me any slack whatsoever, and declined the recommendation to recognize my foreign credit transfer for the work I did over in Attilan. You'd think redesigning the entire utility infrastructure of a nation would earn you some credit in Resource Management, but alas...

On the one hand, I am up to my eyeballs in theoretical case studies and Best Practice documents, and on the other I could switch majors and have my degree finished by the end of the spring semester. Why did I think Business was a good school again?
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That Category-5 hurricane that was supposed to hit New Orleans?


Given one of our headmasters made conspicuous by her absence today, I have to say, I am impressed. Well done, boss.
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I have no news to speak of. But I just felt like chiming in to share that, what with Lorna's mystery information and Pete's evil donuts.
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Anyone who's heading to Silver for Mark's birthday party and needs a ride, leaving in fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, this means only the 18-and-up crowd for tonight.

(Yes I have been out driving all day, why do you ask?)
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I have finally re-verified to the computer system that yes, this is me. So I suppose I should make it official to everyone - yes, this is me, and I am back.

To sum up the pertinent points:
- Yes, Attilan vanished and came back.
- No, I'm not sure how it happened. May be classified as a matter of Attilan national security, I don't really know.
- Yes, I look older. While six weeks seem to have passed for you guys, it was closer to two and a half years for those of us on the island.
- Yes, I still remember everyone, although the whole six weeks/two years thing is difficult to adjust to.
- No, I'm not certain what Crystal and Medusa are up to. I know they have government issues to handle, and are likely to probably be quite busy. The Elpis folks could probably tell you more there than I could. But the last I saw of them, they were fine.
- Yes, Medusa got married and is now the Queen of Attilan. Crystal has been restyled as an actual Princess, so those folks who kept calling her that anyway, now it's accurate.

But all things considered, I should be back to work in a few days once I refamiliarize myself with the system, my lab, and everything else. For the moment, it's just a big game of catch-up.


May. 27th, 2007 12:25 pm
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It had to be monkeys, didn't it? Practically had to use an entire bottle of shampoo to get the smell out of my hair.

Somehow this is all Angel's fault.
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Finals are done!. A year of college in the books, and almost all the annoying electives taken care of. Now I get to fend off the offers of TAing for the summer session and the everpresent requests to transfer to the Engineering School. I say bah to that, I refuse to answer any educational correspondence until at least July.

For the moment, I am going to find the nearest comfortable padded surface, collapse facedown upon it, and entertain offers of back rubs and snacks from willing supplicants.


May. 6th, 2007 03:11 pm
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Did someone borrow my car? It's not where I usually park it.
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Despite being significantly less advanced than LaGuardia or JFK, Budapest Ferihegy International Airport is definitely LOUD. Flying on Malev is... an experience. Although I won't be experiencing it for a while because someone felt the need to get us to the airport six hours early.

The airport doesn't even have an internet kiosk. I got lucky to catch a wireless signal from Bratislava. Bratislava!

Aside from the usual travel frustration, Hungary is a neat country. With lots of good food. Made some fun connections, talked with interesting people. This politics thing might not be as dull as I thought.

I half expect someone to be trying to load a wooden crate full of chickens into the luggage chute at any moment. I will not be responsible for my actions if I am crammed into coach on a plane full of chicken.
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Little birdie left me my laptop. Nice birdie. Seeds if I find you. Tens of seeds, even.

Unless it's Amelia. Sooo much vengeance for all the needles. Except for the painkiller one, that one's good. Find Amelia and put her in a jar and shake it. Lots. Crazy sadist woman. Turns into a big green fart. Can't be ethical, somehow. Doctors should have to stay solid so you can throw things at them.

Came in and lowered the bed so I won't hurt myself if I fall out. That's condescending. But if I fell out, that would be Forge descending. Ow I hurt myself laughing. Really. Stitches are itchy.

Funny that typing with right arm feels funny, but left arm normal. Painkillers not affecting neural conductivity of the myomer interface. I should really note that down somewhere. Wait. I kind of am. That's why I'm a genius. I can be accidentally smarter than everyone else in the room.

Wait. I'm the only one in the room. I am smarter than my self. Oh no, recursive causality loop. I think I just smarted myself out of existence. This is why I don't take philosophy classes, I might get really smart and vanish. Dangerous thing, philosophy.

That's it. Noooo more painkillers. Gotta be able to walk out of here tomorrow. Although my professors would probably accept "eaten by dinosaurs" as excuse. Wonder how many people are calling in eaten tomorrow. Stupid dinosaurs.


Apr. 11th, 2007 10:04 pm
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Well, I believe I just became the envy of all the biologists at the Club, since finding out I have been shanghaied into chaperoning this weekend's excursion. I'm admittedly more interested in the process than the plants, but the sheer amount of engineering that must have gone into this Conservatory is something I'll have to see for myself.
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Those of you attempting to find me in my office will be thwarted, as I have chosen for the week to relocate my base of operations to someplace where I can get some fresh air and sunlight.

Yes, I know I have big huge windows in my office. It's Spring Break, I felt like going outside.

Anyone wishing to call upon me or bring tribute can do so at the small island in the middle of the lake. Others may join me for a small fealty tax of either a bag of Doritos or a case of Mountain Dew.
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Timing my drive to ESU just to hit every green light on the route. This makes for a good start to the morning.
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For anyone who's been watching the news: that resolution about mandatory exclusion of genetic status on health insurance forms should be going to Congress in about a month for the standard hatchet job before getting passed or tanked. HeliX has a letter-writing campaign set up in support of the bill - if anyone wants to get involved and needs to know the addresses of their individual senators and representatives, there's a list up in my office by state and district.

This bill's a good thing, especially for those of us who do work outside the school and might need to use a medical facility that's NOT located in the basement here. What it means is that insurance companies can't deny coverage to mutants. It's the first step towards adding mutants to existing anti-discrimination laws, and when it passes, we'll be one step closer to things being how they should be.

To that end, there's a senator who'll be doing speaking engagements in Salem Center later this week. Graydon Creed, who most folks are making noises about running for President in '08. Granted, he got elected back in the early 80s on an Independent platform, which is usually the kiss of death for presidential bids, but he's also the longest-serving senator not affiliated with any political party. He opposed the Mutant Registration Act back in '03 when it went to Congress, and as one of the senior senators, his vote on the insurance bill could be a pivotal one. To this end, I've managed to arrange for a HeliX presence at one of his engagements this Friday. Anyone who wants to come hear the Senator speak is welcome - if you ask nicely, I'm sure those of you in Mr. Dayspring and Mr. Guthrie's classes can finagle some extra credit out of the deal.
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Many thanks to the Ladies Amaquelin for their bounty. It shall be enjoyed in good health. I would make the rounds to do thanking in person, but after an evening of my mother insisting upon teaching me to ice skate - IN A TUXEDO - I have bruises in decidedly non-Yuletide-friendly places and will be spending the remainder of this glorious holiday flat on my back with my beverage of choice and this nifty (if annoyingly region-coded for the next thirty seconds... there we go) portable DVD player.

Merry Christmas, all.
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