Jun. 2nd, 2008

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As Scott has already announced, the security lockdown is done and everyone dealt with the minor crisis well, and for that I thank you. It makes my job much easier.

To assuage people's doubts and concerns, I believe that informational transparency is the best course in this situation. The other day, five people were abducted from the premises by an individual whose abilities lay outside the scope of currently known technology. This should not be construed as an inability of this Institute or the staff within to fulfill their duties of protecting those of you who are in their charge.

I'll be frank here - as much of a genius as I am, I am not a precognitive. I cannot predict every single possibility that exists concerning threats to people's safety. There is no such thing as an impregnable sanctuary, and if someone has given you that impression, I feel the need to disabuse you of that incorrect notion. The concept of a safe haven is one that has to be balanced with having a livable place for residents to work and learn. This is neither a fortress nor a prison.

As many of you, and I include myself in this number, have unfortunately learned - there are those who will seek to harm us, disenfranchise us, and use us to their own ends, simply because of who and what we are and the things we can do. To some people, we represent a change that they fear. To others, we are a threat to their world view simply by our existence. To others, we are a potential tool to their own ends.

There are threats out there, many that we know about and inevitably, many that we do not. Anyone who wishes to know more about them, I will be happy to share any information that I am able to.


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